Mobile Application

The WellCheck tool facilitates business continuity by collecting information on people entering the workplace after disruptions such as natural disasters, political turmoil, and disease outbreaks. Staff, visitors, or vendors can use this tool to assess whether a site is safe to enter and provide information on what to do if not.


Conduent Connect is a full suite of in-app with reporting capabilities in which teams can communicate their working status through auto-check-in capabilities for geographically dispersed teams and minimize in-person interactions for those not located near each other. The WellCheck program can be fully customized for your company’s branding or even on a site-by-site basis for local conditions.

Mobile Application

For both mobile applications and websites, the login process is similar. This app encourages users to interact with their work and business. With Conduent Connect Mobile, users can now access all features from anywhere with a stable internet connection and a compatible device.

Additionally, the app does not charge an installation fee.

Benefits of Mobile ApplicationĀ 

  • The regular company updates and official announcements made through the web portal will keep users up to date with news related to their organizations.
  • The Mobile App also allows users to submit other service requests using a feature called a ticket. This allows users to submit their requests more quickly. The users can also track the progress of their requests.


  • You can also submit your license requests online here on this web portal. And also monitor the progress of the license application.
  • You can also submit transfer requests and new assets here on this web portal. Whether you will receive an alert or notification if approved.
  • Payroll and Leave management.
  • Request a transfer or request a new asset.

It is worth downloading the WellCheck Mobile Application as it is very easy to use and is completely free to download.