Conduent Connect is an online business services web portal known for its human resources and many other business services. It is aimed at different types of organizations worldwide, such as banking, insurance, finance, healthcare, government, etc. Organizations registered on this platform can also access other services the company offers, such as End-user loyalty, accounting, payroll, registration—assistance through the web portal.


It is an efficient business process that provides many services and solutions to help the people they serve. Company training, sales, and organizational transformation are enhanced by Conduent’s services. As a result, market share increases, and customer satisfaction increases.

Services Offered By Conduent Connect 

Insurance and Banking Solutions

Clients and organizations benefit from the ease of doing business with Conduent by simplifying insurance and banking solutions. Clients and organizations can streamline and customize their banking experience. Affordable and simple banking and insurance solutions are available.

End-User Engagement Service

You can now turn your data into insider information for critical interactions. You can also channel your decisions through interactive communication. Omnichannel communication and customer experience are two segments of end-user engagement services. These services are extremely valuable to customers and organizations alike.


Accounting and procurement

When it comes to financial services, Conduent is always transparent. You can help finance companies succeed with the best of automated, cloud-based innovation. There are many functions available in this segment, such as origin-to-payment services, order-to-payment services, finance-as-a-service, and transition consulting.

Solutions for government

In addition to providing a variety of payment solutions to government agencies, Conduent provides the best government services and solutions. They provide case management services to government agencies as well as child support solutions. It also offers excellent IT solutions, healthcare solutions, and authorization and registration solutions.

The health care system

There is nothing like Conduent when it comes to health care as it offers so many choices. Removes all barriers such as access to data and inefficient processes to make the entire healthcare system accessible and accessible. A variety of options are available, including deployed solutions, payment solutions, pharmaceutical and life science solutions, and government healthcare solutions.

Personal services

Human Resources provides technology consulting and management solutions to help you as efficiently as possible. These services are provided through human resources programs introduced by Conduent, employees can participate in their health heritage as well as their careers. There are various personal services such as health and wellness services and wealth management and pension services.